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Temporary Residence (Visitor, Student, Worker):

In the event you are considering visiting Canada for a short period of time, or would like to study or work for a year or longer, we suggest that you contact our office. We will assess your personal situation and provide you with effective advice on the rights documents you are required to submit to avoid complications with your application.

Permanent Residence:

We can assess your qualifications and determine if you are eligible for admission according to the skilled worker criteria which includes age; education; work experience in certain occupations, language and offer of employment. With continuous governmental changes to application categories and processing priorities, it is very important for individuals considering applying for permanent residence to receive advice prior submitting an application. Our office will guide you through your immigration process and assist you to make the right choice. We will also review what you can do to improve your chances to qualify. We suggest that you contact us.

Provincial Nominee:

Most Provinces in Canada signed an agreement with the Federal Government and have been granted the authority to select their own immigrants. We concentrate our efforts on applications for nomination for permanent residence through Provincial Nominee Programs and we assist companies to incorporate provincial nomination as part of their recruitment strategy.

Family Sponsorship:

If you are a Canadian or Permanent Resident you can sponsor your spouse or conjugal or common law partner, and dependent children including adopted children. You can also sponsor your parents and grandparents. The process of this type of applications can be long and difficult. Some complications may arise along the way such as a medical issue. Please contact us to facilitate your immigration process.

Special Types of Permits:

Unexpected issues may arise at any Canadian Port of Entry based on past living experiences in Canada. Our office can assist you with special types of permits and applications that can overcome inadmissibility and allow you to enter Canada.

Criminal Rehabilitation:

Despite meeting eligibility requirements, foreign individuals from any country may still be criminally inadmissible to Canada due to previous criminal conduct, or the criminal conduct of their dependents. In particular, if you are convicted of a DUI, Canada entry may be more complicated. For more information, please contact our office.

Immigration Litigation:

Most applicants who are not happy with the treatment that they received from an Immigration Officer or an Immigration Tribunal have the right to seek leave for judicial review of their refused applications. In addition, most permanent residents and sponsors have the right to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. We can represent you with Removal Orders Appeals; Residency Appeals; Sponsorship Appeals, Admissibility Hearings and Detention Reviews.

Immigrate and Stay in Canada

Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada is the first step to becoming Canadian Citizen. Permanent Residents may live and work anywhere in Canada, and enjoy most of the same benefits and privileges of Canadian citizens, with the exception of some voting rights.

There are many different categories under which you might qualify for your Canada Immigration permanent resident visa, including applying through one of the Immigration Economic Programs such as Provincial Nominee Programs; Federal Skilled Worker; Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience Class. And through a number of Family Class Sponsorship Programs whereby Canadians and Permanent Residents can sponsor their family members.

Once you obtain Permanent Residence, you must renew your status every five years and meet residency requirements in order to maintain your status.

In order to fulfill the residency obligation, a Permanent Resident must have spent 730 days within the last five years doing one of the following:

  • Residing and remaining in Canada
  • Accompanying their Canadian citizen spouse abroad
  • Working abroad for a Canadian company

After a required residency period in Canada, Permanent Residents may apply to become Canadian citizens.