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Sponsorship and Temporary Visas

  Family Sponsorship and Temporary Visas After your immigration process has been completed and you have status in Canada, either as a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen. You may ask yourself:  how do I bring my parents to Canada? The only options to bring...

Immigration in Canada

Are immigration levels too high? The debate on immigration has divided Canadians. In recent time our government continues to adjust immigration policies, sign international documents (UN Immigration Pact) and has unveiled a plan to continually increase the number of...

Immigration Lawyer or Consultant

Immigration Lawyer or Consultant: which one is right for you? Immigration is a long and costly process, one that most people only want to do once. It is pertinent to research ahead of time what kind of services you need to immigrate to Canada. When immigrating to...

Canada’s New Immigration Plan

Immigration expansion plans: increasing Canada’s population. Good news for people wanting to immigrate to Canada. On October 31st the Canadian Government released the new immigration level plans for 2019-2021. These plans will increase the number of immigrants yearly....

Immigrating to Canada a smart move

Why Immigrating to Canada may be the best option for you The political turmoil in various countries around the world leave many citizens in dire straits. These situations leave many citizens thinking about their future, and whether or not they have could have a...

Canada’s Immigration Plan

Canada’s Immigration Plan

Canada’s plan to revitalize the population by stimulating Immigration growth Canada has been constantly growing over the last few decades thanks to policies regarding Immigration. Recently, the Canadian government has made a strong claim that it wants to increase the...

Manitoba Investor Stream

The Province of Manitoba has a new and efficient program for immigrants. Manitoba Investor Stream. Foreigners are invited to start a new business or purchase and expand an existing business while creating a new job for a Canadian or Permanent Residents. In return, the...

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We are excited to announce our staff member Katie Leung was called to the bar on June 3, 2020. Katie started with the firm as an Articling Student in 2019 and we are proud of her and her achievements!
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