Real People, Real life experiences

Rup Rizal – Nepal
I am so pleased with the work Carolina did on my immigration case. I had one of the most difficult cases but with Carolina’s immigration law expertise, I did not face any difficulty getting my PR approved. I was a refugee living in United States for 12 years without a passport and part of the challenge was to request a Single Journey Travel Document (SJTD) proving that I am a stateless refugee. My wife applied for spousal sponsorship from Canada. We were able to obtain the COPR and a SJTD and immigration had no questions on the paperwork Carolina submitted making the case as smooth as anyone would expect.

I would highly recommend anyone with simple to very complex immigration cases to work with Carolina and get the cases approved. Note- be prepared to answer all tough and thorough questions that Carolina would ask upfront so that she can prepare strong paperwork and supporting facts. Additionally if you work with Carolina, you might be in contact with Natalie. She is nice, knowledgeable and seem to have immigration background as well. These two ladies would make things possible.

Thank you Carolina law firm for helping me with my case.

N. Punjani – Pakistan
Whenever I am having a great time with my nieces (seven and three) – whether we are watching Frozen for what feels like the 100th time or singing silly songs – there is one person who I think of and thank from the bottom of my heart, and that is our family’s immigration lawyer and my dear friend Carolina Fridman.Carolina makes bringing the families together her mission and we are lucky to have such a competent, professional, personable and knowledgeable person in our corner. Thanks Carolina!

If you are thinking of helping family or friends to come to Canada or applying for PR, work visa etc. do consider discussing your needs with Carolina. Importance of timely and correct advice cannot be emphasized enough.

Giaky Truong and Vinh Duong – Vietnam
We are super happy with the work that Carolina and her team did for us. Our case was very difficult. We were international students, with post-graduation work permits, and because of the bad advice of a Consultant, my husband lost his status, and had to get a special permit to stay in Canada, and then apply for work permit for a second time. Carolina found the way to do this, and because of her work, we could stay in Winnipeg until we received our Permanent Residence Visas. She is a fantastic lawyer. Thanks Carolina!!!!! We appreciate so much that you gave us life in Canada.
A. Wheler and C. Ortiz – Dominican Republic
My name is Arlene Ortiz. My husband Carlos and I are enjoying a life in Canada because of Carolina. She believed in us and our relationship together and did her very best to make Immigration believe in us. She did such a thorough Submission letter, we weren’t even interviewed by Immigration. We thank our lucky stars every day that we had Carolina for our lawyer. She did a fantastic job. She’s the best. Muchas Gracias, Carolina for all your hard work. We really appreciate!
R. Stevanus – Malaysia
Before I met Carolina, I almost went back home to my country and lost PR application because of the mistakes from my previous Immigration Consultant. After I received refusal letter for my restoration status, I frantically googled for a lawyer in Internet and luckily I found Carolina in Threebestrated.ca which selected by her clients as one of best Immigration lawyer in Winnipeg.

I sent her an email with subject “emergency” and she quickly replied my email and made an appointment with me to see her on same day. When I met and tell her about my situation, she already had an answer and solution to my Immigration problem. Because of her, I was able to stay in Canada until my PR application was finalized.

And today, I live in Canada as permanent residency status and it is all because of Carolina. I am very satisfied with the professional service provided by Carolina and her team. For whoever that looking for Immigration lawyer, I will highly recommend Carolina Fridman and her team as your Immigration lawyer. I would definitely do the whole process again through Carolina as my Immigration lawyer and I will recommend Carolina Fridman to all my family and friends.
Thank you so much for your help Carolina. Thank you so much for giving me hope and life in Canada. I really appreciate it so much.

R. Salomon – Brandon, MB
After receiving a message from CIC saying I needed representation I frantically googled immigration lawyers and soon I had made an appointment to meet with Carolina. I was 23 with a hostess job living in a basement suite with a roommate. When I met with Carolina I did not have all the necessary paper work or finances in order to proceed with the case. She accepted me as her client and worked out a payment plan that suited my finances and helped me acquire the necessary documents to go forward with the case. She explained each part of the process clearly. What resonated with me was how she spoke to me.

My case was difficult because I did not always have all the information or documents. At times i feared she would, like some others had, say you are 23 years old how do you not know these important traveling details as you went from one country to another. As each problem arose she explained it to me suggested which option to go with and guided me through it with patience. When one approach to my case did not work she found another.

With the anxiety, fear and sleepless nights that comes with going through the immigration process, in a new country away from most things familiar I am glad to have had the efficient and gentle guidance of Carolina and her team. I am now a stable Canadian permanent resident. A married 27 year old mom of two pursuing an education in environmental sciences.

There are angels put in specific places throughout our journey, when we run out of steam it just so happens we stumble on an angel to help us keep on our journey. I believe Carolina was one placed in my life

Lan Ying – China & R. Bankert – Manitoba
I have known Carolina Fridman for over two years as my legal counsel on an immigration problem my wife and i were having. Thanks to Carolina my wife is now in Canada with me. I found Carolina to be reliable and aggressive. I am sure you will find Carolina to be an asset for you when it comes to your problems. I trust that the information provided will be of help in your search for competent counsel.
E. Kalanzi – Uganda & L. Tait – Vancouver
Carolina and her team were very professional. The immigration process we faced was daunting, but they addressed our needs and concerns quickly and efficiently. Overall the process went smoothly, which helped relieve the stress of going through the long waiting game.
J. Bernil – Philippines
Thank you for the good news, Carolina! You have handled my case in an extremely competent and professional manner. I’m very pleased and breathed a sigh of relief.
Y. Yue Yue – China
I am really appreciate your help, really want to say Thank you for your help me to get my work permit. It is really important to me. Thank you so much!
R. Gambhir – India
Hope you are doing great. Just got the EOI(PFA) from MPNP office. So, wanted to give my heartiest thanks for all the efforts that you have put in to get me to this step. I really appreciate all your support in this.
S. Wijesinghe – Sri Lanka
I always recommend her for anyone having an immigration problem. She makes impossible things possible specially when it comes to MPNP. I am so glad that I found her. She is the best immigration lawyer in Winnipeg. Thank you, Carolina and Kevin, for your help.
Xu Xui – China
Carolina Fridman helped me with my refused Business Application under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. She was effective in finding a solution to the problem, and providing advice through the whole process. My case was re-opened and my application was finally approved by the Government of Manitoba.My decision to hire Carolina as my immigration lawyer was based mainly on her words at our first meeting. She told me that her firm would only take cases that they think will be successful. Honesty is very important to me, and this made me trust her office from the beginning.

I am really satisfied with the job that Carolina and her team did and continue doing for me. They always answer questions on time, they are very clear with the instructions. With their assistance, I found my immigration process much easier.

Thank you Carolina for all your help. I will highly recommend you to any potential clients, and I would definitely go through this process again with you.

R. Kimani – Nairobi
I migrated to Canada in July 2012 but began my telephone conversations with Carolina Fridman in 2008, when I called her and requested her to represent me as a Migration Lawyer.  Carolina was so patient with me and treated me with such high professionalism that every time we spoke, I was left feeling valued and as a result encouraged me to wait for the migration timelines.  Though long, the journey never felt lonely because Carolina held my hand and walked with me to the very end.  Every promise that was made to me was made.

Carolina went beyond her line of duty and the greatest blessing I found in Carolina is when I requested her to help me through her office to book an intake appointment with a school that I wanted my daughter to attend here in Winnipeg.  She did not hesitate and willingly got me the appointment.  This made my life easier.  Carolina was always available to receive my calls and answer any questions both on phone and email.

I have been in Canada now for 3 years but I found my permanent, professional, and well-paying job 6 months after arrival.  My children have gone to school, one is working while the other is in University.  Looking back, I know I made the right decision to contract Carolina as my Legal expert because this made my life and those of my children firmly founded.  If I were to begin the whole process today, I would only do it through Carolina Fridman.

Z. Zhiyuan – China – International Student
I applied my work permit after I graduate from the University, I should get my work permit at least 3 years like everybody else, but the CIC only gave me 11 months by no reason, and I try to called the CIC center but is just waste my time, I wait 26 mins per call on the line but the agent cannot answer none of my 7 questions, they know nothing about my case and didn’t even know what I should do, which is ridiculous. I want get my PR after work six month, but 11 months is really not enough for me.

After a week one of my friend introduce me Carolina, she told me Carolina solved her case which is the situation even worse than me, so I try to contact Carolina and decide let her to help me to get my 3 years permit back.

After 2 months wait finally I got my new permit which is 3 years long, I am so happy of it, I don’t have to worried about been kick out from Canada anymore.

She is an absolutely a great, capable, reliable lawyer, she will try her best to find every single detail to prove and help you to solve the case ,and also think multiple method in different situation which is super reliable.

This is an absolutely a true story, if any student have same experience with me, trust me Carolina can help you out.
Thank you so much Carolina!!!!!!

S. Skarkey – Winnipeg
Just writing to let you know that Richard got his visa today. His visa is a multiple entry visa that is good for three years. We are very pleased with this and very grateful for all of your help. Thanks again for everything!
L .Thibodeaux – Northern Tier National High Adventure – Boy Scouts of America.
We finally got a letter back in the immigration inspection earlier this year. It appears all was in order – thanks so much for all of your assistance!!!
It’s been a great year for the Boy Scouts of America. Their application for work permits at the Border went smoothly and without inconvenience. We look forward to working with you again next year!
M & R. Lakhani – Saudi Arabia
Every day when we wake up in a safe environment, see our kids enjoying time with their Grand Parents and enjoy a meal with our family, We thank Carolina Fridman – She made all of this possible.
Carolina helped us with our Immigration at every step, starting with Provincial Nomination, followed by Temporary Work Visa, and finally Permanent Residence, she was there to guide us. The best part of working with her was that, she understood our case completely and suggested the most suited option in the light of her extensive knowledge regarding Immigration Laws in Canada.
I would Strongly recommend Carolina Fridman to everyone who wants to make Canada their home. Thank you for helping us making our dreams a reality.