The Federal Express Entry System as a tool to immigrate to Canada

Are you interested in moving to Canada permanently? Canada has its doors open! One of the way to achieve your goal is through Federal Express Entry System. Here are a few things you need to know about express entry and which program you can apply under.

Express entry is an electronic system of the Department of Immigration to select foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada based on economic factors.  The main purpose of the EE system is to assess applications faster for the people who can efficiently contribute to the Canadian labour market. The Express entry is divided into following three categories and you can choose one of them according to your eligibility:

Your express entry profile may also selected by any province through Provincial Nominee Program. There are two essential steps to enter the Express Entry System.


The first thing you need to do is to create an online express entry profile, and for that you are required to provide l information about your education, language proficiency, work experience and other additional things. Once you start your express entry profile, you have 60 days to complete it. People who are qualified under one of the three economic programs will be placed into an express entry pool based on a Comprehensive Ranking System. The total points you may be assigned under the Comprehensive Ranking System is 1200, out of which 600 points is based on following factors:

  • Human capital
  • Accompanying family members
  • Skill transferability

The additional 600 points can be obtained from the following factors:

  • A PR/Citizen sibling in Canada
  • Job offer
  • Post-Secondary Canadian Education
  • Proficiency in French
  • Provincial nomination

Having a job offer is a positive factor for these economic programs. There will be 200 points if the offer is for employment in an occupation contained in Major groups of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) 0,A or B. If you do not have a job offer from a Canadian employer, we suggest that you register with Canada’s Job Bank which is developed under Employment and Social Development Canada. This may assist you to find suitable employment in Canada based on your education and skills.

It is important to be cautious with the information provided in the express entry profile, because once you are invited to apply, you will be required to provide documentation that supports such information. This may bring issues of misrepresentation, which is a serious offence under the Immigration Act.  If Immigration founds out that you have misrepresented during your immigration process, you can be banned from submitting any new application for a period of five years.


If your score is above 400 in the ranking of Express Entry candidates, you may have good chances to receive an ITA (invitation to apply). It means that you will be in a position to submit your application for permanent residence. Once you receive an ITA, then the entire process will take approximately six months. This is the reason of the name of the system “Express Entry”.

Your ranking is based on how many points you can get by using a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points are assigned based on things such as nomination, job offers, education, experience and skills. Upon receiving an ITA, you will have 90 days to submit your permanent resident application.

Having sufficient settlement funds is also an important requirement that you will need to demonstrate at the time of submission of your application. The minimum funds required will be based on your family size to establish yourself and your dependents (if applicable) in Canada.

Mandatory Information to submit your EXPRESS ENTRY PROFILE

You will be required to write your English test and have your credential assessment completed by an accredited organization before being able to submit your Express Entry profile.

If you do not receive an ITA, you can re-submit your EE profile once expires.

The result of latest draw on March 14, 2018:

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