The Province of Manitoba has a new and efficient program for immigrants. Manitoba Investor Stream.

Foreigners are invited to start a new business or purchase and expand an existing business while creating a new job for a Canadian or Permanent Residents. In return, the entrepreneur and his family can receive a Permanent Residence Visa.

Business ideas and the applicants will be assessed under a point system. Applications with the highest points will be selected and can receive a two years’ work visa in order to start their business operations. If after 6 months of operation, the applicant reports that he has complied with all the requirements of the program and did his best effort to have a successful business with a positive contribution to the local economy, including the new job creation, the MPNP will issue a nomination for the applicant and his family that allows them to apply for the Permanent Residency. Maximum time provided by the Province to set up the business is 18 months.

Requirements for the Manitoba Investor Stream:
  • Personal net worth of minimum $500 000 CAD
  • Investment of minimum $250,000 in the City of Winnipeg, and $150,000 in rural areas
  • Creation of minimum 1 new job
  • Actively manage the business

Our team assists you to find the right business to purchase or helps you structure a new business idea while paying attention to how many points you can earn.

We take care your application from beginning to end, offering business support services, and immigration legal services.

Our Strategy to Investors

1. Evaluation of your Investor Profile

We assess your profile by looking at:

  • Net Worth and investment budget;
  • Family needs;
  • Previous management experience;
  • Business preference;
  • Timelines and lifestyle.
2. We find an investment opportunity
  • We screen businesses eligible for immigration programs;
  • Provide you with financial information about businesses;
  • Schedule your exploratory trip to visit businesses;
  • Provide legal support for the business title transfer.
3. We assist with your immigration matters

The immigration process for investors are lengthy and sensitive to many details. We assist with the following:

  • Preparation and submission of application forms for you and your family
  • Business Plan (mandatory) for your investment
  • Preparation for your interview with Immigration officers
  • Assistance with your settlement process

Our office is one single provider of all the services you may require for the Manitoba Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway. For more information click here.


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