Party Favour or Foul: Legalization of Marijuana will cause Headaches for Residents of Canada.

With the looming legalization of Marijuana the relationship between Canada and the United States (U.S) border becomes tricky, especially for Residents who have a stake in the industry. Serious problems may arise when trying to cross the border. Admitting to U.S border patrol any of the following: recreational use, working or investing in the industry, could lead to Canadian residents being barred from entering the U.S indefinitely.

Although Bill C-45 will legalize the recreational use and distribution of Marijuana in Canada. Federally in the U.S it remains illegal. Thus, the border patrols will not allow those who have openly admitted to the use or being part of the industry into the U.S. It is not recommended to lie to the officer, we advise that you refuse to answer questions regarding the topic, which may lead to you not being able to enter the U.S that time, but will ensure that you do not get permanently banned from entering. This is a serious issue for residents of Canada regarding the new legalization.

U.S border officials have made it clear that under federal law the distribution and use of illegal substances, even in countries that have legalized said substance, will be treated as traffickers, and will not be allow entrance into the U.S. Experts have stated the following:

  • Immigration lawyers say Ottawa needs find a way to make sure Canadians in the legal cannabis industry don’t face fines or denied entry when crossing into the U-S;
  • Last week, the U-S Customs and Border Protection agency announced legalization in Canada won’t change the fact that American laws treat marijuana as a banned substance, and industry insiders as drug traffickers;
  • The Canadian government should pressure the U-S government to issue a policy directive exempting employees and investors in Canadian cannabis companies.

Note: Canadians who lie about the legal use of Marijuana, even for medical purposes, will result in being banned from entering the U.S. So take caution, and if you have any concerns feel free to contact our office for a consultation. Follow the link:

The legalization of marijuana will create a booming industry and provide opportunity for many Canadians. Residents should remain alert as to what remains illegal and can/will be punishable as a criminal offence.

What remains illegal in Canada:

Breaking any one of the stated points above will result in a criminal charge.


Written by: Alan Lempert


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