Study permits

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office issues study permits in Canada. It allows foreign nationals to study in Canada. The study permit lasts until your education ends or you reach the expiry date of the permit. Canada approves a handful of post-secondary institutions  in Manitoba.

The first step in obtaining a permit requires you to obtain a letter of acceptance from your desired school. Then, you have to prove financial stability. Proving you have enough money for tuition, cost of living and return trips home. The Government of Canada requires the amount of money to increase with every additional person you wish to bring to Canada while you study.

Eligibility criteria for obtaining a Study permit:

  • Obtain a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution.
  • Prove financial support for you and any additional people you are bringing. This includes cost of living plus tuition. the documents need to show sufficient funds for you to return to your home country
  • You must have a clean record, you may be asked for a police certificate
  • You must be in good health, the IRCC may request a medical examination
In addition to the documents required additional documents may be necessary for entry into Canada
  • Passports, and 2 passport sized pictures with family name and date of birth on the back;
  • If applicable you must show Marriage certificate; and
  • Any other document the visa office requests.

Studies that do not require a study permit:

Children are considered minors if they are under the age of 18 or 19. However this depends on the province. If your child is considered a minor they will need to have a custodian or parental supervision when they begin studying in Canada. Depending on the situation most minors will not be required to obtain a study permit. However some minors will require a study permit: Minors requiring study permit.

However, depending on the situation the child will not need a study permit

For Example:
  • If they are already in Canada
  • Parent has temporary status in Canada to either work or study
  • Parent is Coming under a refugee status
  • Neither parent is physically in Canada
  • One of the parents is a Canadian Citizen or PR

Also, If the minor applies outside of Canada they will need to go through the process of obtaining a study permit.

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