Recruiting foreign workers has never been an easy task for Canadian employers.

We assist many employers with their applications to hire foreign workers in Manitoba. We assist employers by preparing and submitting applications for Labour Market Impact Assessment to Service Canada, or submitting a Foreign Worker Strategic Recruitment Application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Employers appreciate being guided through the advertisement process, understanding the National Occupation Classification Code, and the intricacies of the provincial wages. We assist with these processes and much more.

This past week, our office was successful in assisting an employer with their application through the Manitoba Strategic Recruitment Stream. The employer owns a Motel in rural Manitoba. Further, the employer was in urgent need of a Supervisor and a Housekeeper. First, we worked on their Human Resources Plan. Second, we posted the advertisements on their behalf. And third, prepared the employer for his interview with the Manitoba officer. We are thrilled to report that the employer was approved for a blanket of 5 positions. Finally, with our help, the employer will now be able to bring more foreign workers without the need of having to go through the application process again.


So, the second step of the process is to prepare the candidate for their interview with the Manitoba Nominee Program officer. Candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements to be invited to apply to the program.

For instance some of the requirements are:
  • A one year of post-secondary education.
  • Two years of work experience in the intended occupation.
  • Canadian language bench mark of 5.

Finally, the immigration officer was satisfied with the skills of the candidate and his intention to reside in Manitoba. Less than a week later, the worker received a letter of invitation to apply for nomination for permanent residence.

Feel free to email us at or phone the office (204)-944-8889. Our firm will be pleased to assist you in any immigration matter.

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