In September 2020, a client came to our office with big packages of documents for review. He wanted to know whether we could help him to remain in Canada.

A citizen from Somalia who, with the assistance of another lawyer, had exhausted all the possible venues to be granted refugee status in Canada, without success.

He came to see us when the Federal Court dismissed hi Pre-Removal Risk Assessment judicial review application. At such time, his removal order became enforceable pending receipt of his travel document.

We began working on Application for Permanent Residence under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds. Due to his past criminality, he was required to obtain many documents. Closed to the end of November, CBSA asked him to attend for an interview to schedule his removal order. His was scheduled to depart Canada on December 9.

Within a very short timeframe, our office prepared a request for deferral of removal to CBSA, and finalized his H&C application. CBSA denied our request on December 5. We, then, filed an Application for Leave and Judicial Review to the Federal Court, together with a motion to stay his removal.

The Court granted his stay just four hours before his flight. Our client was allowed to stay in Canada with his wife, who is due to have twins in only four months.

This is what practicing Immigration Law is all about, making a difference in people’s lives. We work hard to make the reason prevail, and this is what exactly we did for this particular case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at, if you have an immigration problem. We are here to help!

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