Why Immigrating to Canada may be the best option for you

The political turmoil in various countries around the world leave many citizens in dire straits. These situations leave many citizens thinking about their future, and whether or not they have could have a sustainable future in their home country.

Recently, a once prosperous country, Argentina suffered major setbacks in their economic status. The country rolled back in time and headed straight towards the era of the 2008 recession.  The devaluation of the currency couple with the crippling interest rate makes it almost unbearable for an average citizen to remain in the country and succeed. Many citizens are praying for stability and for a better future for themselves and their family. The position of the country does not seem to be getting better, and many residents are looking for a way out.

Immigration to other countries may be the only option for residents who want to escape the never ending cycle of the intense economic roller coaster. This is where Canada comes into play. Canada is one of the most accepting countries for immigrants. And is continuously looking for more international students, skilled workers and business owners to immigrate and integrate into our provinces.

Why Immigrate to Canada:

  • Canada offers a variety of immigration and visa programs for all kinds of people. And for those not qualified under the immigration programs. Canada offers other options: work permits and student programs which can lead to a permanent resident card later on
  • The ability to secure a future for your family. Canada is one of the leading countries in providing social security programs for immigrants and their families. Health and Education are among the highest rated programs around the world and are freeish (we all pay taxes).
  • Immigrants will not have to worry about political corruption or uncertainty this is because no bribing of officials will take place.
  • Canada is inclusive and multicultural. It gives right to religion, culture, language choice and the freedom of communication.
  • Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada with permanent residence status.
  • Dual Citizenship is allowed.
  • We also have some of the freshest tap water around.

These reasons and more are why one should consider immigrating to Canada. Furthermore, with much of the uncertainty surrounding various nations. Canada remains one of the leading countries in terms of: safety, political stability, social services, life expectancy and much more.

If you wish to consult with our Lawyer regarding a potential move to Canada, feel free to contact Carolina Fridman Law Office at: http://fridman.sg1.wp.websites.ca/contact/ for more information.

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